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  Christiann Lovick
permanent make up

Free consultation & top up on all initial treatments

Hairstroke brow                   £275.00
Combination brows              £275.00
Powder brows                      £275.00

Eyelash enhancement          £175.00
Top & bottom invisible eyeliner
Baby eyeliner                      £200.00
Top & bottom
Baby eyeliner                      £175.00
Top only
Latino eyeliner                     £225.00
Top & bottom
Latino eyeliner                     £200.00
Top only
Bottom eyeliner                   £150.00
Two colour eyeliner add on     £50.00

Small lip blush                     £250.00
Full lip blush                        £275.00

Additional retouch                 £50.00
Must be within 12 weeks of your last treatment 
Colour boost                        £175.00
Maintain your permanent Make up, put the colour back