The beauty works & permanent cosmetics  -  beauty therapist & nail technician  permanent make up
The perfect solution to beautiful nails
permanent nail colour
French manicure
Soak off gel

 No damage to natural nails
bio sculpture is a gel nail treatment applied to your own nail
Applies quickly
no fumes no odours or buffing
Dries instantly
applied over tips or sculptures dries under a led curing lamp
Durable flexible & no more chipping
long wearing & chip proof excellent on toe nails with no wear
Functional & fashionable
permanent colours clear or french matching nail polishes
Your guarantee
nail technicians are all qualified as graduates of extensive bio sculpture training
Clinically tested
tested to the highest standard with excellent results

Overlays on natural nails, nail extensions or sculptures
colour gel  or french manicure
Overlays Fingers colour/French                               £35.00
Nail extensions tips colour/French                          £35.00
Infill's colour/French                                               £35.00
Replacement tip                                                  add £1.00  
Remove & classic  manicure                                    £25.00
Stand alone nail mends                                             £7.50
Overlays toes colour/French                                   £35.00
Classic pedicure & overlays                                     £45.00
Remove & classic pedicure                                      £35.00
Rock star nails (glitter/ nail art)                       add £5.00